Georgia is the country of ancient culture. It is situated on the border of Europe and Asia. Here you will meet the cultural .. of both continents, it makes the visit to Georgia more interesting. Georgia was always very important country in terms of trading routes, as Silk Road passed through it. The trading importance created the multicultural crossroads here, which even now can be felt in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.The legend of Vakhtang Gorgasali tells the story of founding Tbilisi. According to the legend it was wilderness, where Georgian king used to hunt. One day kings sparrow-hawk went after pheasant. During battle both birds fell down in the hot springs. The king has heard about such springs from Persians before, how they could be used to heal people. So the king decided to cut the forest and build a city here. He named this city - "Tfilisi". Georgias unique nature grants the tourist opportunity to see all the different climates, in a very small area. You can find the see and frozen mountain tops, deserts and forests. National Parks and forest reserves take 7% of Georgian territory; 75% of preserved territories are covered with forests. There are 14 reserved areas, 9 national parks, 17 supressed, 14 natural ... and 2 preserved landscapes.